Naomi Bennett

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‘Life in Colour’ with David Attenborough shows the full spectrum of our natural world. But what allows us and other animals to actually see it?

A male Mandrill Baboon, showing his dominance through his natural facepaint

In a year of minimal travel, nothing transports you around the globe quite like David Attenborough’s TV series. Our senses are spoiled as we move through vast, magnificent landscapes, and then focus down onto the tiniest of details and organisms within them. Of course it is all wrapped together by that famous, calming voice; temporarily whisking you away from the problems of our COVID-19 life.

In this latest offering from the BBC, we are invited into the rich and vibrant world of colour. As the colour in the natural world has developed, so have the abilities of organisms to perceive…

Naomi Bennett

Insuper (latin): In addition. Expanding on Popular Science. PhD Student and (aspiring) Science communicator. Birmingham, UK.

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